Corporate • 07 April 2020
Starr Insurance Accommodates Policyholders Under General Aviation Policies Amidst Covid-19 Social Distancing Restrictions

New York

Starr Insurance Companies' Aviation division today announced it will make accommodations under its general aviation policies to extend certain training and medical-certification deadlines for insured pilots until pandemic social-distancing mandates are lifted.

“We quickly saw that Covid-19 mitigation efforts could affect pilots whose policies require an annual training event and pilots subject to regulatory aviation requirements,” said Steve Blakey, president of Starr Insurance. “We responded by building in time so our policyholders don’t risk losing their coverage.”

Until June 30, 2020, Starr Aviation will extend certain training and medical certificate deadlines, as more fully described in the formal announcement available here. Policyholders should confer with their brokers on the specifics.