Corporate • 20 March 2017
Starr Insurance Companies Announces Agreement with KnowBe4 for Risk Management Services for Crime & Fidelity Clients

New York, NY

Starr Insurance Companies announced today a risk management program for Crime & Fidelity insureds through an agreement with KnowBe4 to help mitigate and reduce losses resulting from fraudulent impersonation schemes.

"It's not a question of 'if' a company will be targeted; rather it's 'when' and how equipped the company and its employees will be to identify and prevent such an attack," stated Brian Inselberg, senior vice president of financial lines. "Partnering with KnowB4, an internationally-recognized IT security firm, is an important step to heighten our insureds' security awareness. This risk management program includes training modules and downloadable "Best Practice" guides that can be circulated at every level within the company. These important tools will aid a company in insulating itself against fraudulent impersonation schemes commonly known as social engineering, phishing and other email scams."

This risk management program is complementary, at no additional cost, and offered to Starr's Crime and Fidelity insureds through KnowB4's online platform with a personalized login.