Corporate • 01 August 2019
Starr Insurance Companies Extends Defense Base Act Coverage to Small Contractors

New York

Starr Wright Insurance Agency, Inc. (“Starr Wright USA”), a division of Starr Insurance Companies, today announced a new distribution channel for Starr Insurance Companies’ Defense Base Act insurance coverage, specifically to serve the needs of small federal government contractors.

The coverage includes statutory federal workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance for contractors working abroad and can be purchased directly through the website.

“Starr Wright USA has provided insurance protection for federal workers for over 50 years, and Starr Insurance Companies is a leader in Defense Base Act insurance,” said Reggie Gibbs, president of Starr Wright USA. “The ability to purchase online will benefit the thousands of smaller federal government contractors who previously might not have been able to easily access this critical coverage.”

“We’ve simplified the application process for all full or part-time federal contractors,” added Darrell Weber, vice president of Starr Wright USA. “It takes about five minutes to apply.”

Medical evacuation and transportation services provided by World Travel Protection Pty Ltd. are also included in some coverages.

In addition to workers’ compensation and employers’ liability insurance, Starr Wright USA offers foreign voluntary workers’ compensation, accident & health, and kidnap ransom & extortion coverages.

For more details visit or to learn more about Starr Wright USA at