Press Releases • 19 February 2019
Starr Insurance Offering Travel Insurance Through Facebook Messenger Chatbot in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Starr Insurance Company announced the launch of a Facebook Messenger Chatbot to sell single trip and annual travel insurance via social platform in Hong Kong. The Chatbot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to save customers time and streamline the purchasing process.

Starr’s Chatbot uses machine learning and natural language processing to “chat” with mobile travel insurance purchasers. The Chatbot asks a series of questions to customize a travel insurance plan which the customer pays for it with a credit card, all without leaving the chat. Once completed, the insurance policy is emailed to the customer. The process takes a few minutes. The Chatbot can also answer simple customer enquiries.

“Starr is the first insurance company in Hong Kong to use Facebook Messenger Chatbot to provide travel insurance service,” said Agnes Cheung, Vice President & Head of Accident and Health, Starr Insurance. “Applying AI technology simplifies the travel insurance buying process, which is especially important to our younger consumers. They travel extensively, and they are never without their mobile devices. Our Chatbot is tailored to their mobile lifestyle.”

Starr will continue to improve the Chatbot by enhancing its customer services capabilities and developing more applications, including handling claims.