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How can aviation companies best maximize their operational savings and safety? It’s an ongoing aim for Director’s of Aviation and CFO’s alike. Starr Aviation a division of Starr Insurance Companies has developed a new program with these goals in mind: The Starr Safety Partnership.

Designed by Starr Aviation Safety & Loss Control, the program provides access to a suite of services from best-in-class providers at a discounted rate. This unique program focuses on the entire life cycle of aircraft ownership: from acquisition of the aircraft to the safe & cost-efficient operation of the aircraft during ownership to the sale of the aircraft. It’s the type of program you’d expect from the leader in aviation insurance. It’s the type of program you’d expect from the leader in aviation insurance.

  • Advanced Aircrew Academy General aviation eLearning courses
  • AirCare International Safety & egress training (including dunk tank training) and in-flight medical response services including doctors and nurses to assist with expert advice in a 24-hour call center
  • ARGUSSMS software and Aviation safety audits
  • Aviation ManualsLeading provider of manual development services and modular safety management system (SMS) software for business and general aviation.
  • Aviation Performance SolutionsUpset Prevention and Recovery Training
  • Conklin De DeckerAircraft comparison report subscription to optimize airframe selection & market value
  • EmpathiaAviation crisis management services
  • JSSIAsset inspections, including engines, and aircraft appraisals. JSSI customers realize better pricing in the marketplace as buyers know their aircraft has been maintained in a standardized manner
  • MAGIDPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies
  • PolarisSMS software and flight risk assessment tools
  • PulsarFatigue risk management solutions
  • PulseliteBird avoidance system that reduces bird strikes over 33% for general aviation clients
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